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Computer Vision Experiments

Computer Vision is an interesting and complex digital sensing mechanism, which uses the web camera as a primary sensing device. With something as simple as a digital camera and the right software development, it is possible to do color tracking, motion detection and body detection. As part of the post graduate course work program in interactive media, students will do a Computer Vision project in which they are required to quickly develop an interactive video artwork that uses computer vision as it’s primary interaction interface.


Here are just two projects caught on camera in the 2012 Lab. Tina Cladis’ “Vishnu” that uses color placement to create perfect musical harmonies. The program would generate sound based on the placement of large blocks of color. It acted as a sort of multi-player game in which the right colors needed to be position in the right locations for harmonious tones to be generated.


This is Felix Urban’s “Wipe Your Soundscape” which is primarily concerned with noise pollution in urban environments.  By wiping clean the “surface” of the sound the participants will “clean up” the sound, taking out all the excess noise of cars, airplanes and noisy chatter, leaving the quiet serene sounds of nature.


The development of these engagements followed a intensive workshop on lighting with artist Vaughn Sadie and a computer vision workshop with Tegan Bristow.

“Vishnu” – Harmonic’s Game – Tina Caldis

“Wipe Your Soundscape” – Felix Urban

Light Workshop with Vaughn Sadie


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