Technoetic Telos

Tegan Bristow lecturer and coordinator of the Interactive Digital Media postgraduate stream in the Digital Arts Division recently attended the Technoetic Telos: Art, Myth and Media conference in Kefalonia, Greece. It was a fascinating conference addressing technology, arts and consciousness in contemporary society. Topics ranged from the Philosophy of Science to Afro-futurism. If you are interested in the topics, the program for the conference can be found here: and papers will be published in the next Telematic Arts Journal for 2012.


The conference session ran parallel to a research update for Bristow with the Planetary Collegium with whom Bristow is taking her PhD, through CAiiA at Plymouth University, UK. The program is an international PhD with nodes in Zurich, Sao Paulo, Milan and now an Ionian Node that was inaugurated at this conference. The conference’s act as an opportunity for all the nodes to share research and practice with the many international delegates in the field of technology arts that attend the conferences.


Bristow’s PhD research concerns arts practice with Digital Technology in South and East Africa. Her paper at the Technoetic Telos was on Afro-futurism as an African Diaspora aesthetic movement in the 70’s and 90’s and how it relates Digital Arts practice in South Africa. More information here on Bristow Website


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