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Game Jam held at Wits

Roid Slinger by Bradley Marques, Michael de Jager and Megan von Poser

On the weekend of the 14th and 15th of April WSOA Digital Arts hosted the first ever Game Jam to be held at Wits.

A Game Jam offers a game building challenge to the participants, setting a tight time limit, and provides a friendly environment for them to work in. The Jam Tart, as it is now affectionately known, was open to students as well as the public and attracted aproximatly 20 participants.

Even the creation of non-digital games was encouraged, so those with no programming experience could still participate!

To offer inspiration for the jammers one image and one word theme were selected for the inaugural Jam Tart. The themes were selected from a list of 25 images and 50 words through a random number generator. The image shows two clasping hands painted as the earth, and the word selected was ‘gravity’. Participants were encouraged to take inspiration from both, although it was also permissible to use only one of the two to theme the game.

Finding Emo by Luc Wolthers,Reg Krommenhoek, Dirk Krommenhoek and Ben Myres

The group brainstormed the two themes through a word association game, conceiving ideas ranging from ‘mercury’ to ‘teamwork’ or ‘Michael Jackson’ to ‘hand-to-hand combat’. With these brave and diverse themes and ideas the jammers broke into groups and set to the challenge.

The results can be explored on the Jam Tarts site. Enjoy!


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