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Do you want to be successful in new media? – Turn yourself into an API

Jeff Jarvis - BuzzMachine

Jeff Jarvis, director of the Interactive Journalism  programme at CUNY,  who blogs at Buzzmachine, has been waging a vigorous campaign to make the MSM (main stream or traditional) media in the USA  grasp the importance of Web 2.0 consciousness.  He also writes a column and has consulted for the British Guardian newspaper, who are leading the way with interactive media in the Anglo-phone newspaper world. In other words, the man has credability. Recently he’s been riffing on the idea that  "If you want to be big in media in the future, make yourself into an API."  In other words, what would it mean for a news organisation to re-imagine itself as a programable interface that would allow its users to remix and contribute their own content?  Essentially this would mean that news organisations see themselves as plaforms that enable not just distribution but also as a space for users to contribute their own news, make social connections and create their own versions of the content.  Read more>

A fine example of the kind of "mashup" that Jarvis is proposing as panacea for the MSM is the interactive map which was developed for the Hector Petersen Museum by urban geographer and artistic centipede, Ismail Farouk and Netherlands-based Iranian web developer, Babak Fakhamzadeh. This mashup uses the Google Maps API in conjunction with the photo site and a blog search engine to provide a fresh flow of images and writing about the historic landmarks in Soweto.


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