Digital Arts students at CTIAF Student Animation Competition


Animation students completing their Masters and Post Graduate Degrees at Wits Digital Arts produced a 2 minute short film as part of a collaborative project in 2015. The students worked in a small production team, each specializing on a specific part of the 3D pipeline. The team also collaborated with 4th Year Music Students from the School of the Arts for the score and sound design for the film. The course is an intensive 1 year Post Graduate degree in which students from varying backgrounds come together to learn the art of animation.

The 2015 film “Bombot” has been nominated as a possible winner in the upcoming Cape Town International Animation Festival (CTIAF) in the Student Animation Competition. Previously called Kunjanimation, the Festival runs from 18 to 21 February 2016 at the River Club, Observatory in Cape Town. Curated by Animation SA, the annual Festival brings South Africans the chance to catch some of the world’s best animated films from countries across the globe. In best mobile casinos addition, there will be an exciting range of workshops with global industry leaders, providing a rare opportunity to engage with them and learn from their insights. This year’s topics include subjects such as character animation, scriptwriting and producing.

“Bombot” is about a bomb disposal robot that has been sent on a mission to disarm an incredibly dangerous bomb threatening all life on Earth, but is too scared to do so. He is more interested in his game of ‘Pong’ instead of completing his dangerous mission. After being forced into battle, he fights against time to save Earth… and his game.

The film will be screened at the awards event, and winners will be screened on Sunday 21st February 2016. The full CTIAF programme can be found here:

Produced by:

Christie Edwards – Animation

Devin Warmback – Animation

Johnny Constantinou – Animation

Stella Kerr – Animation

Tanya Blaeser – Animation


Joshua Hardegan – Music

David Driver – Credits Music

Doron Kanar and Daniel Sher – SFX



Bronwyn Horne (Animation)

Angus Davidson (Technical)

Christopher Letcher (Music)


Bombot still (2015)


Bombot still (2015)



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