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Results of the Performance Art Workshop at The Bag Factory

Johan Thom at Bag Factory
Johan Thom’s performance artwork as presented at Rites of Fealty/Rites of Passage

‘Rites of Fealty/ Rites of Passage’,  was a one-night exhibition of new performance artworks by a group of emerging South African artists.  Held on 29 July at The Bag Factory in Fordsburg, the exhibition followed an intensive 10-day workshop in performance art presented by Johan Thom. The workshop was structured as a non-hierarchal laboratory, with each of the artists selected for participation already having established a visible presence in the South African cultural sphere. The participating artists were Ismail Farouk, Anthea Moys, Kemang Wa Lehulere and Murray Turpin who all share in a multi-disciplinary approach to artistic expression, freely mixing elements of fields as far as urban geography, digital sound sampling, video, public performance, dance and theatre into their oeuvres.   (Text adapted from  The Bag Factory  press release.)

Johan Thom in performance at The Bagfactory, Fordsburg

Bronwyn Lace in performance at The Bag Factory

Bronwyn Lace in performance at The Bag Factory.

Sidewalk Reservation in performance at The Bagfactory

Sidewalk Reservation in performance at The Bag Factory.

All photos by Christo Doherty

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