Getting the word out – the Unyazi Festival

With very few hands available to organise the first Unyazi Festival of Electronic Music, publicity has had to take a back seat. But with just a week to go, Dimitri Voudouris (Festival Director) and Christo Doherty (Associate Director) have been working as much media as is possible in the time available. For many media, the big question has been – What is this electronic music thing? And the second question, which follows immediately afterwards – Why is it happening in Johannesburg?
At least with radio, there is a chance to play examples of the music. Here Dimitri is seen trying to explain the phenomenon to a bemused interviewer on the Afrikaans national radio station, RSG. (Radio Sonder Grense/Radio without boundaries).

dimitri in an intense explanation/demo

some of the explanatory examples - muti media by the kalahari surfers;

The three CDs used in the RSG presentation. The Kalahari Surfers – Muti Media, Yannis Kyriakides – Conspiracy, and Albert Sapsford – Another 35 Summers. All three are appearing on the Unyazi Festival.

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