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Prix Ars Electronica

Just got this mail courting me for the Net Vision category at Ars. I don’t have any new this year, but did send in some Compressionist stuff as performative/interactive analog/digital art for the obvious category… Would be great to see some South Africans represent – in any category! Here it is:

The Prix Ars Electronica – International Competition for Cyberarts is being conducted for the 20th time in 2006. In addition to the classic categories – Interactive Art, Net Vision, Computer Animation / Visual Effects and Digital Musics – Digital Communities and [the next idea] Art and Technology Grant competition will be reprised.

Prix Ars Electronica 2006
Start of Online Submissions: January 10, 2006
Online Submission Deadline: March 17, 2006
Details about entering are available online only at

A Golden Nica, two Awards of Distinction (cash prizes) and up to 12 Honorary Mentions will be awarded in the Net Vision category in 2006.

Net Vision
The "Net Vision" category singles out for recognition artistic projects in the Internet that display brilliance in how they have been engineered, designed and-especially-conceived, works that are outstanding with respect to innovation, interface design and the originality of their content. The way in which a work of net-based art deals with the online medium is essential in this category.

For further information about Net Vision don’t hesitate to contact us.

Under 27? Mos Def check [the next idea] – great prize!


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