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We are actively recruiting leaders of the Art & Technology community for participation – both on- and offline!

We are always looking for submissions to wrting, reviews, events, projects, proposals, workshop ideas, and more! Please get in contact with us if you want to be a writer for this site, organize or present at an event, or have more questions about what we do.

Any person may throw an affiliated event – so long as it is in line with our goals and open to the public! Event organizers in the Gauteng area should contact us for a username and password, to blog your events on this site (it’s really easy!). Or, you can email us some text about you and your event directly – whether it is an invitation or a review – and we’ll be happy to post it for you. (If you throw regular events, or enjoy writing to any capacity, we urge you to go for the former, and become a member of our blog!)

For now, our core members are (click to contact!):

Professor Christo Doherty. Head of Digital Arts, University of the Witwatersrand. Research and Teaching Interests: Digital Arts – interface history and design; concepts of interactivity; digital production and delivery systems; copyright and intellectual property; languages of new media; digital video and installations.

nathaniel stern (NYC / Johannesburg) is an internationally exhibited installation artist, net.artist and performance poet. His interactive installations have won awards in New York, South Africa and Australia, and his, recently commissioned by, has been featured in festivals all over Europe, Asia and the US. nathaniel’s collaborative physical theatre and multimedia performance work has won three FNB Vita Awards – including Best Presentation of a New Contemporary Work – and has been featured on the main stage at the Grahamstown Festival (South Africa). His poetry repertoire includes the US National Poetry Slam competition and the RSA HIV/AIDS Arts, Media & Film Festival.

We’d especially like it if you contacted us to say you want to be an core member: to blog, organize, and put your own email address right here! Sample: many thanks to plankman for his tech help, presentations, and hosting.


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